Electrical and electro-mechanical products insulated with the best materials

Electrical Conductors

We realize round and/or rectangular section conductors selecting the best-certified aluminum manufacturers for electrical usage. We work with due regard for size standards, mechanical properties, conductivity, and thermal insulation in accordance with the current legislation and our customers’ needs.

Our Product Portfolio


  • Rectangular conductor: minimum thickness 1.5 mm; maximum width 30 mm
  • Round conductor: minimum thickness 0.8 mm; maximum diameter 18 mm


  • Naked
  • Insulated
  • Single
  • Double: axial or radial

Insulation Types:

  • Kraft Paper
  • Nomex ® Dupont T410
  • Aramid Paper
  • Mylar®
  • Polyester for electrical usage
  • Polyamide
  • Kapton®
  • Glass Mica
  • Glass Cloth Tape
  • Others upon specific request

Our Products